What is it?

CV Once enables you to create a CV in one place that gives recruitment agents and companies access to the most recent version of your CV in a format their systems can read.

Instead of handing out static PDFs or Word documents, give potential employers an always up-to-date version of your CV by sending them the link to your CV Once.

How do I get started?

Get started building your CV by logging in with your Google or Microsoft ID.

I already have a CV Once how do I login?

No worries Winston just login and carry on building that work of art.

Why have you done this?

When looking for a job it isn't unusual to pass out copies of your CV to 10 or 20 or more companies and recruitment agents.

However, as time passes you add new skills or experiences to your CV and all those Word and PDF documents you gave to people are out of date.

CV Once solves that problem by giving you a url to the CV Once API that allows companies to update their copy of your CV automatically.

Once you have made a change to your CV at CV Once it is immediately available to everyone you have given your link to.

I have my own website, can I host my own CV file?

Yes you can! Simply create your CV and then visit the API link we generate for you. This will download a file that you can host on your own website.

I'm a techie, how do I integrate CV Once into my CRM system?

Every person who creates a CV has a unique url that allows you to call a Web API that returns either a JSON or XML document depending on what you ask for in the request.

The API is very simple, it only has one call, and is documented here.

Who are you and how can I get in touch?

I am Aidan Garnish and you can email me at